I should really get back to drawing cutesy chibies again. 
I’ll probably visit dunbarton and draw random ppl I find cute and interesting~
The Balloonathon event is kinda meh….
I like the prices tho.
This was a lot of fun!
What I’m currently up to.
(I should really be more active D:<)


There’s a player going around with the character name Titles using pretty much the exact same tactics as Froots/Senen/Toneche. Do not trust this person, and do not believe them when they begin to list off their so-called “alts”. They like to use names of reputable players to increase their…

This happened to me 2 days ago. He was impersonating my guild leader. He is mostly in Channel 7 of Tarlach

This is the chat I had with him.


also, he came back today and it seems he has a new character under the name of Tomocell

Just don’t lend your items to anyone who might be impersonating someone you know. Chances are, he/she might be a scammer! Be safe guys.

More old doodles! I found these in my WIP file.
Doodling creepy ponies at night.
My two favorite pokemon couple. (Even tho this couple have been overly done…) Lucario has been getting a harsh beatdown again.
More of them soon~
Playing with fire.
Well then, back to Mabinogi.
Here are my 3 main alts! Though the one I usually go on the most is my human.
I made it digital!
I don’t know how to make backgrounds look pretty so enjoy the blankness.
Some sketches of Conker.
I remember playing this game on the N64 when I was 11. I wasn’t able to finish the game due to my age and whatnot. I don’t have an N64 anymore, but I was able to watch a playthrough and started loving the game again.
I don’t draw furries that often, so these might look a bit off.